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The Handmade Charm

wicking tool for candle making ( needle included)

wicking tool for candle making ( needle included)

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Instruction video:

For sale is one wicking tool for candle making, originally designed by TheHandmadeCharm, we call it “wicking buddy”

*** This wicking buddy is a very thoughtful design for who wants to make professional looking candles with less effort.

*** Very easy to use, beginner friendly.

It may come with a different color.

*** very easy to install.
( suggest not to uninstall after installing, you may break the parts if pulling too hard)

*** comes with a 12” long metal needle for holding the wicks ( you can thread through the wick to hold it tight or make a knot as pictures showing)
you can also use it as a wicking needle.

*** This wicking buddy is great for making pillar candles the professional way, by using this tool, your candles would have a much better top & bottom.

*** with this tool, you don’t need to use wick bars any more which puts pressure on the mold and causes the candle slightly deformed and leaves an ugly line on the candle that you would have to spend time smoothing it out later. So this tool saves you time and effort.

*** The bottom is designed with 3 slots, that’s where your wick lays. This way the bottom of your mold would lay flat without wobbling.

*** you can use this tool for one big mold or two smaller molds.

••• The two bars are designed with 4 holes on each, so you can adjust the height accordingly.

Thank you for reading.

Questions are welcome.

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