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New style 15 hr emergency taper candle mold - fit in UCO candle lantern

New style 15 hr emergency taper candle mold - fit in UCO candle lantern

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*** recently adjusted the size slightly for better burn. 
*** We designed this mold for making emergency candles that can be burned as stand alone tapers and can also work well in UCO lanterns.

Features of this new design:

1. The flame design on the candles give them more character as stand alone candles and it won’t affect the burn.

2. This is a combination of the original UCO tapered and flat top candles, so you can use either beeswax or paraffin with this mold. The finished candles are taller than the original UCO candles which will give you longer burn if you get your formula right.

*** After lots tests to make sure our formula works perfectly for this mold & candles, now we are offering the candle making kit and refill kit. ( our testing candle with this kit burn about 14-15 hrs) 

*** Please read the description and check the size before buying.

*** Please check the instructions in the picture.

*** you can buy mold only or get our candle making kit, when you run out of the wax , you can also come back to get the refill kit which includes 1 lb of 100% pure beeswax from our own apiary and some wick and tabs.

*** The candle making kit includes:
1 - mold;
1 - 8 oz beeswax block ( which is enough for making 3 candles)
1 - wick pin (the needle for poking holes on the mold and for holding your wicks);
1 - wicking needle over 10” long (for threading your wick through the mold),
1 - wick ( more than enough for making 3 candles, it works wonders with our wax, may not work with other beeswax as beeswax from different source works differently)
Some wick tabs.

*** If you are making candle for UCO lanterns, make sure putting the cap in the right direction, make sure your lantern especially the spring is working properly.

*** finished candle size: about 3.5” tall, 1 3/16” in diameter , each candle weighs about 1.9 ozs. ( the original white UCO candle weighs about 1.6 ozs)

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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