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10.4” stainless steel wick threader with hook

10.4” stainless steel wick threader with hook

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For sale is one 10.4” long stainless steel wick threader.

*** This is not a needle, if your mold doesn’t have a hole, you still need a needle to poke a hole first before using this hook for threading your wick.

*** This one is my favorite wicking tool that I personally use all the time, it’s designed with a hook to help get the wick through the wick hole, and the circle at the end is easy hold to pull. made with stainless steel, it’s slim and strong, won’t make a big hole on your mold, perfect for shorter taper molds, mini taper molds, small to medium pillar & votive molds.

*** The flapper- the latch design ensures your wick stays in place.

** * Size: This long loop hook is 10.4 inches long and has a width of 0.98 inch at the small ring at the end.

*** Applications: it is perfect for a variety of crafts, such as button loops, closures, candle wicking, string belts, and more. it definitely helps improve your entire crafting process.

*** It may or may not work with metal molds which depends on how big the wick hole is.

Questions are welcome.

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