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Tealight candle making kit - beeswax tealight - refill kit

Tealight candle making kit - beeswax tealight - refill kit

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We see lots beginner and hobby candle makers are struggling to find good wax or the right wick for tealight candles, so we made this listing to help out.

*** This listing is for beeswax tealight candle making kit or refill kit.

*** This is a formula we have tested and made sure it works very well in normal conditions. keep in mind that tealight candles can be tricky, the burning performance can be affected by air pressure, humidity and other environmental conditions …

The candle making kit includes:
— 1 silicone tealight candle mold with 4 cavities, you can choose a different design with the same price, please check in our tealight mold category and bee mold category for different designs.
— 12 quality tealight candle holders.
— 12 tealight candles tabs.
— 8 oz top quality pure beeswax from our own apiaries.
— some wicks enough for a dozen tealight candles. ( you need to cut the wick and put the tab in )

Refill kit has everything exclude the mold.


1. Pour in your wax at the right temperature about 175 F without any wick.

2. cut your wick and add the tabs on. ( leave the wick at least 1/4” above the candle, if the wick is too short, the candle won’t burn well. )

3. Remove the candles from the mold after about 15 minutes and use a toothpick to poke a hole at the center for your wick.

4. Insert in your wick.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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