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Silicone Taper candle Mold - 8"

Silicone Taper candle Mold - 8"

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1 big & heavy duty Handmade silicone Taper candle mold for sale, 2 cavities, made to order.

It may come with a different color. ( no wick hole, you will need to use wicking needle, or bamboo skewers)

Great for making beeswax dinner candles.

It is Not suggest to use this mold for food.

Finished candle size : about 8 1/4” tall, 1 1/4” wide at the bottom, 7/8” wide on the top.
Finished candle weighs about 4 ozs.

“Stick method “Instructions for candle marking:
( you can also find video instruction on my FB page - thehandmadecharms

1. Insert into the mold with 2 long wooden skewers as your wick pin, secure on top with hair pins.
3. When your wax is ready , carefully pour in the your wax.
4. Wax your wicks
5. Twist the skewer once a while so that it won’t get stuck in the wax.
6. Demold carefully ( about half an hour later)
7. take out the skewers, insert in your waxed wicks instead.

No release agent is needed. Not suggest to use container soy wax which might stick to silicone.

Important note: 

1. you may accelerate the process by setting it in freezer for a few minutes.

2. This is a handmade product, I won't be able to guarantee that every mold would look exactly the same.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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