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Silicone pillar candle Mold - soap resin mold - 3'' wide

Silicone pillar candle Mold - soap resin mold - 3'' wide

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Hi thanks for stopping by.

For sale is one homemade silicone pillar / cylinder candle mold, please pick the size you need.

To buy the whole set, please go to:

Cavity size & candle weight :
3” x 3.5” - about 12 ozs
3” x 4.5” - about 1 lb 1 oz;
3” x 6.5” - about 1 lb 9 ozs

It may come with a different color.
instruction video:

This is a pillar cylinder mold, with concave design, made to order.

Stick method Instructions:
1, You don't have to poke a hole for your wick, simply insert a wooden skewer as your wick pin and secure it on top.
2, pour in wax at the right temperature, twist skewer once a while to prevent it from sticking to the wax.
3, when it's ready to demold, take your candle upside down, your candle should slide right out, no release agent is needed.
4, take out the skewer and insert in your waxed wick, you are done :)

This mold is great for making beeswax candle.

Note: This is a handmade product, I won't be able to guarantee that every mold would look exactly the same. But each one is made with great care, we try our best to give it a great look.

If you are buying more than 4, please ask for a better shipping price.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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