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Origami roses - paper roses - rose bouquet - Bridal bouquet - Valentine roses - anniversary gift

Origami roses - paper roses - rose bouquet - Bridal bouquet - Valentine roses - anniversary gift

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more options/flowers in my store

This listing is for one origami rose, made with the highest quality origami paper.

Great for wedding, party decoration, great as special gift.

Size: about 2'' in diameter, 8” long (decent size, not too big or too small)

Each rose has 4 parts: a flower head, torus, stem and a leaf.

If you are buying many different kinds of flowers to make your own bouquet combination, I would like to combine shipping. Simply request a custom order.

Flowers I have for now: roses, lilies, tulips, gerbera, hyacinth, dahlia, lotus, spider lily, sakura, daffodil.

All my flowers are made to order, questions are welcome.

Meanings of roses for your reference.

red roses —— passionate love

blue roses —— kindness

pink roses —— care & love; forever love

white roses —— pure love or respect

yellow roses —— apology, joy; out of love

orange roses —— desire

black roses —— you are a devil & you are mine

green roses —— forever youth

purple roses - The most widespread meaning of the purple rose is enthrallment, especially at first sight. And though there is no indication of permanence in this attraction, there is definitely a deep impression created

1 rose —— you are the only one in my heart

2 roses —— only you and me in the world

3 roses —— I love you

4 roses —— I will never change my love until death

5 roses —— Appreciation

6 roses —— mutual love, respect & understanding

7 roses —— I love you secretly

8 roses —— thank you for your care, support & encouragement

9 roses —— always & forever

10 roses —— perfect

11 roses —— I will only love you in my life

12 roses —— my love for you is increasing

13 roses —— forever friendship

14 roses —— I am proud of you

15 roses —— I am sorry

16 roses —— Don't worry, everything is alright

Please feel free shopping in my store for more options.

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