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8 1/4” twisted taper mold - spiral taper mold

8 1/4” twisted taper mold - spiral taper mold

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Introducing another elegant single cavity twisted taper mold

Candle size: 8 1/4” tall, the base is a little smaller than 3/4” wide
Each candle weighs about 1.7 ozs.

*** Wick suggestion for pure beeswax: square braid #3/0

*** please use the right wax for taper mold ( beeswax is recommended )
*** Comes with a wick hole.
*** comes with 2 short cuts for easy release.

*** demolding tip:
You don’t need to cut the mold all the way down, wait till the wax gets cool, hold the bottom and twist to the right ( see the video)

*** please use a wicking needle for threading.

*** this mold won’t not be able to stand straight alone, please use or diy a taper mold holder.

This size is great for making dinner taper or wedding taper candles.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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