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The Handmade Charm

4” plus size Silicone chime candle mold - mini taper Mold - spell candle mold - 6 cavities - homemade

4” plus size Silicone chime candle mold - mini taper Mold - spell candle mold - 6 cavities - homemade

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From the original design, to the final successful test, it took days and days work, lots trials and fails, but eventually this plus sized chime candle mold is brought out and it makes more elegant but bigger chime candles.
- lots people use this mold for shabbos / Shabbat candles as well.

Instruction video:

This plus size chime mold comes with 6 cavities.

***This mold comes with short splits for easy release ( as the very bottom of the candle is designed to be smaller than the body to allow it fit in the same chime holder, without the split, it would be very hard to get candles out)

*** ( no wick holes, you can use a bamboo skewer or wicking needle to poke a hole )

Candle size: 4” tall, the very bottom is about 3/8” wide.

*** same height as standard chime candle but twice the size / double the weight

*** Wick suggestion: square braid #4/0 (for beeswax)

*** Candle features:
1. Designed with round & smooth edge on top
2. A slightly small bottom is designed to allow the candle fit in the standard chime candle holder.

*** Tools you may need to make candles: wicking needle, bamboo skewer, toothpick / small wire, heat gun.

*** please use the right wax for silicone molds; Not suggest for container soy wax which may stick to silicone and it would be too soft to get the candles out.

This size is great for making Wicca spell prayer candles.

Note: don't use extra effort / extreme strength on the mold, you DON'T have to. They come out very easy. This is a handmade product, I won't be able to guarantee that every mold would look exactly the same. But each one is made with great care, I try my best to give it a great look.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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