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3D Silicone Buddha Mold - smiling Buddha - homemade mold - silicone candle soap mold

3D Silicone Buddha Mold - smiling Buddha - homemade mold - silicone candle soap mold

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1 big & heavy Handmade 3D silicone smiling Buddha mold for sale, made to order.

It may come with a different color.

This is probably the biggest mold i make so far, it comes with 2 cuts for an easy release. (i have smaller Buddha molds in store too, check them out under the silicone molds category if interested.)

It is Not suggest to use this mold for food.

The model size is about 4'' tall, 4'' wide, 3.5'' thick, if you are using for candle, the finished product might be about 1 1/4 lbs.

Great to make a Buddha as home decoration, great to make a Buddha as inspiration gift.


1. line the cuts well especially inside;

2. tighten the mold with rubber bands,

3. carfully pour in the your wax/ soap liquid

4. when it's ready to demold, take off the rubber band, gently open the mold and take out your Buddha, you are done.

No release agent is needed.

Important note:

1. Don't try to take out your candle/soap when it's still very warm, you may ruin the details (the eyes, the ears, the nose...), please wait patiently until it gets cool, you may accelerate the process by setting it in freezer for a few minutes.

2. This is a handmade product, I won't be able to guarantee that every mold would look exactly the same. But each one is made with great care, we try our best to give it a great look. and newly made mold does has a slight silicone smell since we don't use chemical to get rid of it like the factories do, but it would go away after a while and it doesn't affect it's function at all.

To extend the lifetime of this mold, I recommend : pour your wax/soap at the right temperature.

2. not to use it under extreme condition (baking or freezing long ), a few minutes wouldn't hurt though )

3. not to use exteme pressure/ strength on it, you may tear/break the mold.

The last, but not the least, use it the right way, and enjoy the easy way of making your homemade candles/soaps.

about Shipping: Due to the heavy weight, priority shipping would be offered all over the US.
International customers get automatic upgrade to priority when purchase 2.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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