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3D floating lotus flower mold 3.5”

3D floating lotus flower mold 3.5”

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Introducing an elegant floating lotus flower mold.

*** This mold is made with soft stretchy silicone, no cut needed for demolding, just turn inside out, your candle should come out easy.

*** Suggest to use pure beeswax for candle making.

*** No wick hole. You can use toothpick or needle to poke a hole if using for candle making.

*** A finished candle is about 3.5” wide , 1.25” tall, weighs over 2 ozs.

*** wait till the wax gets cool before demolding or you may break the petals.

*** This candle floats beautifully, great for wedding/party favor candles.

*** You can also use for soap, resin, and it’s food grade.

Questions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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