Welcome to our online store

Welcome to our online store. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Main products: silicone molds, candles, honey, wax & candles making supplies

* If you need more than what we listed, please message or email us ---- thehandmadecharm@hotmail.com
* If you are expecting handmade products to be 100% perfect, this might not be your store to shop from.
* Some of our candle molds don't have wick holes, as different people use for different purpose, some use for ice, soap, or resin creation ... for candles, you can use a bamboo skewer or a wicking needle to poke a hole.
* To see candle making instruction videos, please visit FB page - Facebook

* Shipping is automatically calculated, If you are buying multiple items and find out the shipping fee is pretty high after adding up, please contact us. (the calculated shipping sometimes is not accurate, we will combine shipping and refund overage when ship)
* The exact handling time mainly depends on the quantity you order.
* We do our best to process orders in time, but the shipping & delivery time cannot be guaranteed especially during busy holiday and pandemic, please understand.
* Please take your own photos if you sell the products made with our molds.

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