beeswax candle making - how to make tealights that can burn over 5 hours

beeswax candle making - how to make tealights that can burn over 5 hours

Tealights come in many sizes which has a significant impact on how long they burn for, so let's just talk about tealights in standard sized tealight cups.

Standard tealight tin cups : 1.5'' wide by 0.5'' tall

Most beeswax tealight candles on market burn around 3-4.5 hrs, but there are ways to get your candle burn longer: 

1. Don't be shy with wax

How much wax do you pour in the cup or the mold?  If you don't pour enough, you surely won't get a long time burning candle. if pouring in cup directly, we suggest to do a double pour, if using molds, pour in as much as you can. Try to get a candle weighs about 0.6 ozs (net weight)

2. Use quality beeswax

Quality beeswax give you quality burn , clean fresh capping wax is recommended !

3. use the right wick

There are so many types of wicks suitable for beeswax burning, square braided wicks, flat braided wicks, ECO wicks, htp wicks, hemp wick ... you need to find the right one that works well with your wax,  i won't be able to recommend the exact size and type for you as beeswax from different sources performs differently.  Do your tests, watch the burn, if burns too fast, or the flame is too big , wick down, if you get mushroom head constantly, change the wick type ...

4. the length of the wick matters ! 

We did lots tests with the same wax, the same wick, and we found out that a longer wick burns faster, shorter wick burns slower and potentially can give you a longer burn. - But be careful, don't cut the wick too short, or it may not give you an efficient burn  - the flame may get too small 


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